A Kind Request to Harpoon Brewery

Dear Harpoon Brewery,

How’s your summer going? Ours is going pretty well. We’ve been enjoying your Summer Beer, UFO White and, of course, that delicious UFO Big Squeeze Shandy.

The reason for this open letter, though, is a kind request to make beer drinkers’ summers/years/lives even better.

Three of our panelists recently (and quietly) visited your Windsor, Vermont brewery, and were treated to your pilot Barrel Aged Maple Bourbon Czernobog.

Simply put…this barrel-aged beauty is one of the best beers we’ve tasted. Smooth as silk with a beautiful mouthfeel, a bright nose of maple and light smoke.  Huge bourbon flavor — yet balanced and surprisingly high drinkability for a 13% ABV monster.

Our humble request of you is this…please produce this brew for purchase by the masses.

The impromptu nature of our recent tasting prevents us from giving your masterpiece a comprehensive, formal review here at The Basement Beer Tastings, but Barrel Aged Czernobog was rated on-the-spot at 89, 91, and 92 which averaged out to a “World Class” rating of 91.

We have no doubt this beer would receive similar ratings from our other Basement Beer Tastings panelists.

We understand the amount of work and high costs that go into brewing this delectable beer. (One of your brewers said hypothetically that $50-$60 per  growler would barely cover the cost to produce it.)

However, the general public deserves the opportunity to enjoy Barrel Aged Maple Bourbon Czernobog as much as we did.

Once consumers get a taste, high demand and a cult-like following will certainly ensue. So, we implore you, Harpoon Brewery, expand the availability of your Barrel Aged Czernobog.

Beer drinkers deserve it, and you deserve the recognition for a job well done.

Optimistically yours,

The Basement Beer Tastings

P.S. The pilot Maple Wheat was pretty darn good, too.