Wells Banana Bread Beer

rating_good69 points

When we decided on our fruited beers theme for June’s tasting, most on the panel were thinking of Belgian wheat ales and shandies.  However, one panelist thought of a beer that had long captured his intrigue.  A beer called Banana Bread, brewed with actual bananas.

What daring, intelligent, and, handsome nonconformist would be brave enough to introduce this one of a kind brew to the panel?  Someone most certainly not afraid of the scorn or ridicule this beer could possibly inflect upon him from the other panelists.

wellsbananaOkay…it was me.  I brought Wells Banana Bread Beer to the fruited beers tasting.  I had actually been eyeing it for quite some time but was always a little apprehensive to purchase it.  This tasting, though, was the perfect opportunity, since now I wouldn’t have to possibly suffer through a whole pint by myself.

Most of the panel were familiar with the brew when it was introduced.  And, much to my surprise, everyone had similar feelings  about wanting to try it but never willing to commit to a whole bottle.

Starting off, Banana Bread earned high points for both appearance and smell.  It had a very attractive caramel color with lively carbonation. The aroma was strong enough that the panel could smell it as the beer was being poured.  Bananas, vanilla, and malt were all found in the scent.  One panelist described the smell as “candied bananas.”

Even though bananas and vanilla were identified in the flavor, it was felt that the beer was missing the sweetness that had been hinted at in the aroma.  One panelist felt it had a “lager” taste.  Also, the mouth feel was deemed to be too light; and panelists thought the beer would be better suited as a stout.

Aftertaste ratings were mixed.  Some panelists got a strong metallic flavor at the end while other panelists continued tasting bananas.  Another panelist felt the aftertaste was slightly bitter and ashy.

Unfortunately, the novelty of Banana Bread seemed to wear off pretty quickly.  Most felt that this would be a one and done beer thus negatively affecting drinkability.

No, the beer really isn’t a substitute for actual banana bread.  Still, it received an overall rating of Good.

So, if you’ve been contemplating trying Wells Banana Bread Beer, it could be time to take a chance and purchase a bottle.  And who knows, you just may find it more appealing than we did.  Hiyoooo!!!

(Appearance 8.8, Smell 9., Taste 20.2, Aftertaste 13.6, Drinkability 17.8)

Wells Banana Bread Appearance (10) Smell (10) Taste (30) Aftertaste (20) Drinkability (30) Total (100)
Jon 9 10 23 18 26 86
Mike 9 10 21 15 22 77
Rick 8 8 22 12 11 61
Amy 10 10 20 13 20 73
Sara 8 7 15 10 10 50
Average: 8.8 9. 20.2 13.6 17.8 69.4