Glass Bottom Banana Cream Stout

rating_verygood78 points

Proving further that Mike and Jon share a brain, Jon also chose to bring a banana flavored beer to the June tasting.  His selection was Glass Bottom Brewery’s Banana Cream Stout.

Glass Bottom is yet another brewery located in the Berkshires region of Massachusetts.  They describe themselves as a “nanobrewery” since they “produce less than 100 gallons of beer at a time.”  According to the brewery, this allows them to focus lots of attention on each of their beers.

glassbottombananaDoes all that attention lead to a quality product? Clearly you’ve seen the Very Good badge at the top of this post, so yes, Banana Cream Stout is a quality beer.

Does that mean you should stop reading this review?  You’ve already read this far, and nobody likes a quitter.

We decided to taste Banana Cream Stout after trying Wells Banana Bread Beer.  Being the constant reader that you are, you probably recall how some panelists commented that Banana Bread might be better suited as a stout.  Glass Bottom’s offering is probably as close as we’re going to get to actually testing that theory.

Appearance received almost universal high marks with only one panelist detracting points because of a rather unimpressive head “for a stout.”  The other panelists were quite taken by the beer’s dark, cranberry hue.

On the other hand, the majority of the panel thought the stout’s aroma was only okay.  They were finding estery bourbon , vanilla extract, and medicinal/metallic scents.  One panelist, though, thought it a had a very nice smell of banana and coffee.

The one dissenter trend continued when the panel rated taste.   Most thought the taste of the beer was very good.  Noted flavors were coffee, malt and bourbon.  The panel was split on the banana flavor…either finding little of it or finding lots of it.  The perceived excess or lack of banana did not seem to affect panelists’ scores, though.  A syrupy texture that coated the inside of one’s mouth was enjoyable.

The one panelist who did not rate the taste highly had trouble coming to terms with the fact that the beer was a stout.  He even noted that Banana Cream seemed to “hit me wrong,” but he’d be willing to try it again.  As you can imagine, his aftertaste and drinkability ratings were lower than the rest.

Light smoke appeared on the aftertaste, and panelists felt it lingered nicely.  One panelist even gave the aftertaste a perfect rating, greatly enjoying how the smoke flavor kept coming back.

Drinkability was rated well.  Two panelists agreed they would have no trouble individually drinking the 22 ounce bottle.  The panel all thought Banana Cream Stout was a beer best served warmer — closer to room temperature — to fully bring out the aroma and flavor.

Indeed, Glass Bottom Brewery’s attention to detail has helped to craft a quality stout.  We certainly appreciate them for it, just like we appreciate you for reading this entire review.

(Appearance 8.8, Smell 7, Taste 23.2, Aftertaste 16, Drinkability 22.6)

Glass Bottom Banana Cream Stout Appearance (10) Smell (10) Taste (30) Aftertaste (20) Drinkability (30) Total (100)
Jon 9 7 28 18 27 89
Mike 9 9 26 20 27 91
Rick 9 6 17 13 17 62
Amy 10 6 23 16 22 77
Sara 7 7 22 13 20 69
Average: 8.8 7. 23.2 16. 22.6 77.6