Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

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Cherries play a significant role in American history. You’ve heard the fable of President George Washington chopping down the cherry tree at the tender age of six.

In 1850, President Zachary Taylor died after ingesting a large quantity of cherries that may have been tainted with cholera.

samadamscherrywheatIn 1912, the People of Japan presented the United States with 3,020 flowering cherry trees, many of which still line the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.

And in 2015, The Basement Beer Tastings sampled Cherry Wheat, a beer brewed by a company named for one of America’s Founding Fathers.

So our patriotism was running high as we tasted Cherry Wheat, but much like anything a Patriot touches, our hopes were slightly…deflated.

Sorry. That joke was sitting on the one yard line, just waiting for someone to carry it into the end zone.

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat was included in the ‘Guilty Pleasures’ tasting theme, because it was one of the beers that introduced co-founder Jon Graney to the world of beer, lo those many (several) years ago.

Cherry Wheat pours a dark amber honey color, slightly cloudy with lively carbonation, though light. The panel did not note much of a head, with only slight residual foam developing on pour.

This beer lives up to its name on aroma. It had a strong smell of sweet cherries, described by the panel as “cherries jubilee” and “cherry popsicle” by our panelists. The scent was balanced by slight notes of malt.

Panelist generally enjoyed the taste of Cherry Wheat, with most of them commenting that oats and malt dominated the taste, with cherries taking a back seat.

While the smell of the beer is sweet, the taste is not. One of our panelists found that disappointing, but most of the panel were pleasantly surprised at the oat-forward character.

The oaty taste trailed into the aftertaste. By this point in its flavor profile, cherry was only a distant memory. Our panel noted that they would have enjoyed a lingering cherry aftertaste, but the oat flavor was deemed pleasant.

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is a decent beer, and their decision to offer this patriotic fruited wheat beer is admirable.

But if you’re looking for a historic brew, there are better choices out there. We cannot tell a lie.

(Appearance 7.67, Smell 7.67, Taste 20.33, Aftertaste 12.67, Drinkability 19)

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Appearance (10) Smell (10) Taste (30) Aftertaste (20) Drinkability (30) Total (100)
Jon 8 8 23 14 21 74
Mike 8 8 24 14 22 76
Rick 7 7 14 10 14 52
Average: 7.67 7.67 20.33 12.67 19. 67.33