Foolproof Revery

rating_excellent86 points

Just north of Providence, on the banks of the Blackstone River, sits Pawtucket, Rhode Island. And unless you follow the Boston Red Sox’ farm system — or fancy textile manufacturing history in the Industrial Revolution — you may have never heard of this small city in the smallest state in the U.S.

foolproofreveryBut Foolproof Brewing Company may put Pawtucket back on the map as part of the craft brewing revolution, because our panelists discovered a stunning Russian imperial stout with their name on it: Foolproof Revery.

What first struck our panelists was the design of their 12-ounce can, a black-and-white design in translucent shrink-wrapped plastic over gleaming silver aluminum. This makes for a subtle black-and-silver backdrop of library books around the entire can.

The appearance continued to “wow” our panel on pour — deep black with the slightest reddish tint and a thin, tight head. This beer rated near-perfect for appearance.

Smell also garnered nearly flawless scores. Revery smells sweet and malty, with huge scents of dark chocolate and light notes of coffee and a hint of smoke.

Mouthfeel is slightly syrupy with a bit of fizziness, but very smooth. Revery impressed our panelists with its caramelized malty character highlighted by flavors of molasses, and light notes of chocolate with a slightly smoky finish. There’s also a light, pleasing estery character to the beer.

Smoke lingers into the aftertaste, with a slight bitterness and a light sourness. While our panel agreed the sourness was the beer’s least-impressive characteristic, it didn’t sway the panelists from rating this an overall outstanding beer.

Revery received high marks from our panelists on drinkability, as the beer was a long sipper, perfect for sitting around a campfire or to warm the soul on a cold winter’s night. But it’s also full-bodied, filling, and packed with an impressive 9% ABV. So after one or two, you may feel like it’s time for bed.

So while Foolproof puts Pawtucket back on the map, navigate to a store that sells Revery, because as far as Russian imperial stouts go, this Rhode Island native is nearly….foolproof.

(Appearance 9.6, Smell 9.8, Mouthfeel 3.8, Taste 21.6, Aftertaste 16.2, Drinkability 24.8)

Foolproof Revery App. (10) Smell (10) Mouth. (5) Taste  (25) After. (20) Drink. (30) Total (100)
Jon 10 10 4 21 18 27 90
Mike 10 10 5 22 15 27 89
Rick 9 9 3 22 16 23 82
Bob 9 10 4 22 17 23 85
Amy 10 10 3 21 15 24 83
Average: 9.6 9.8 3.8 21.6 16.2 24.8 85.8