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Victory Sour Monkey

rating_basement46 points

Victory Sour Monkey  is identified as an American Wild Ale.  Not familiar with this type of ale? Don’t worry, neither were we.

American Wild Ale is a beer that has a wild yeast or bacteria introduced to it.  In Sour Monkey’s case, it’s Brettanomyces yeast —  a yeast that has the capability of producing a wide range of aromas. In addition, taste too can vary, depending on the drinker.

sourmonkeyAnd boy, did the panelists ever find that out.

Sour Monkey introduced itself with a carbonated, light golden appearance in our tasting glasses.  The look of the beer wasn’t noted as anything remarkable, but there was nothing offensive about the appearance, either.  Unfortunately for some panelists, the offensiveness would present itself soon enough.

The sour aspect of the name was first noted in the aroma. Panelists had a wide range of opinions with some noting “a fresh cider smell,” “vinegar,” “lemon” and “citrus.”

Things got really interesting when everyone began tasting.  Immediately, three panelists found the taste to be highly offensive, similar to the flavor of vomit.  These panelists refused to continue to drinking their glasses, either too disgusted by the taste or finding the beer to be too acidic.

Wait, don’t stop reading.

The other three panelists were intrigued by the taste, comparing it to sour lemon and apple cider vinegar.  They did feel the aftertaste was a bit too sour, but one panelist thought food may help to tame this.

As one can imagine, drinkability ratings took a major hit.  Even for the panelists who didn’t mind the taste, Sour Monkey was not an ale that invited them to continue drinking.

Sour Monkey achieved an overall rating of 46, enough to put it down in “The Basement.”  However, because of the range of opinions, we would recommend this beer as one to judge for yourself.

We’re sure there are drinkers out there who love Sour Monkey and what it brings to their palates.  Too bad for Victory, none of these people were part of the panel at Rick’s Wild Card.

(Appearance 6.33, Smell 6.5, Taste 13.5, Aftertaste 8.83, Drinkability 10.67)

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