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Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale (Barrel Aged)

rating_excellent87 points

Folklore suggests that Bigfoot is a huge brown beast, elusively  roaming the landscape in long, confident strides, arrogantly taunting you to chase him.

Barrel Aged Bigfoot Ale is very much the same, only get your hands on this beast and you’ll be treated to a sweet reward.

bigfootSierra Nevada ages this limited edition of its Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale in whiskey barrels, and with a large silkscreened 1 pint, 9.4 ounce bottle adorned with a champagne cork, it’s obvious that the aging went very, very well.

Upon uncaging this beast, the panel immediately appreciated its hazy deep reddish-amber color similar to fresh-pressed apple cider.

However, unlike cider, this brew’s aroma delivered scents of bourbon, vanilla, maple and light hops. A slight antiseptic smell was also detected — likely due to its 11.5% ABV content — but was not a detractor.

Upon taste, Bigfoot wowed the panel with its four distinct flavor characters.  As it hit the tongue, the palate is enveloped with sweet maltiness. The panel noted that this sweetness immediately developed into grassy, vegetal-but-pleasant character that one panelist likened to autumn leaves.

A few seconds later, a third taste character developed — a strong, smooth flavor of oak and bourbon. The beer then culminates in its fourth character…an aftertaste of smoky hops.

Barrel Aged Bigfoot was rated excellent on drinkability, because while the beer makes no apologies for its complexity, each sip begs you to chase Bigfoot a little farther.

(Appearance 8.5, Smell 8.5, Taste 26.25, Aftertaste 17.75, Drinkability 26)

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