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Long Trail Imperial Pumpkin

rating_verygood72 points

Long Trail’s Brush and Barrel series combines a seasonal, small batch brew with labeling provided by a local artist.

These beers can either be purchased in a single bottle or in a cylindrical tube with a print of the artwork from the label.

I’m sad to admit it, but the artwork is what caught my attention with this beer.  It really is the only reason why I bought the beer in the first place.  But it was serendipitous since it provided us with another beer to include in our pumpkin ratings.

longtrailimperialpumpkinThe majority of the panel scored the beer in the good range, but two panelists thought it was excellent.  So what separated the van Goghs from the “van Nos?”

All agreed that Imperial Pumpkin’s caramel coloring looked very good. Some panelists noted a nice head on the beer.  Smell was deemed sweet with notes of pumpkin, clove, caramel, and…beer?  Good to know this beer actually smells like a beer, which I guess in our pumpkin beer ratings, was not a given.  I’m looking in your direction, Shipyard.

The imperial aspect of the beer made its presence known upon taste.  Alcohol was present and strong.  For the panelists that rated this beer excellent, both found hints of bourbon in the flavor.  As for the rest of us, the strong alcohol flavor was found to be a little too much, and detracted from the other flavors in the beer.

The differing views carried over to the beer’s aftertaste.  Panelists either commented on the strong — but not lingering — medicinal flavor or the smoothness of the brew.  One panelist did note that he enjoyed the aftertaste more than the actual taste.

And…now we find ourselves at drinkability.  The two excellent ratings definitely saved this beer from being cast aside like some seasonal decoration that begins to wither and rot.  However, the sole comment from the panel was “One tasting glass is enough.”

Considering how the panelists who enjoyed Imperial Pumpkin didn’t bother to comment on drinkability, it’s clear we were all ready to move onto the next pumpkin offering.

Even though Long Trail’s Imperial Pumpkin wasn’t our highest rated beer of the evening, it certainly came with the best artwork.

Unfortunately for Long Trail, the last time I checked we’re not known as The Basement Art Ratings…but maybe?!

(Appearance 8.5, Smell 8.17, Taste 21.17, Aftertaste 13.5, Drinkability 20.33)

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