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Smithwick’s Ale

rating_verygood73 points

The first thing we should address about this ale from Diageo is how to pronounce it. A quick YouTube search of the company’s advertising reveals that it’s said “SMI-thicks” — the “th” pronounced with a buzzy sound like “there” and “zither.” So you can stop saying “Smiddicks.”

smithwicksaleBut no matter how you pronounce it, this ale is solid. The panel enjoyed it’s warm caramel amber color and lively carbonation, though it didn’t produce much of a head. Aromas were light and malty, but not noteworthy.

The taste was slightly sweet as it first hits the palate, but quickly develops into a toasted, slightly smoky flavor. Aftertaste had overtones of wood and peat, with a slightly metallic taste that lingered.

The panelists were split on drinkability. Some said it was too heavy to drink more than a couple, while others said it was pleasing enough to drink all night.
Buyer Beware: Smithwick’s Ale bottles are 11.2 ounces, not a true 12 ounces.

(Appearance 8.33, Smell 6.83, Taste 22.33, Aftertaste 13.83, Drinkability 21.5)

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