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Harpoon Summer Beer

rating_verygood76 points

Harpoon Summer Beer is a German Kölsch style ale.  Clocking in at only 4.8% ABV, the lightness of the beer was summed up best by one panelist, “Heavy enough to say, ‘I’m drinking a beer, Mom!'” but light enough to say,  ‘Mom, I’m just drinking a beer.'”

And during the summer, aren’t we all looking for things to be just a little bit lighter?

harpoonsummerbeerSummer Beer pours a straw-like, gold hue with a frothy white head.  On the aroma, panelists found hints of lemony sweetness with light hops.  Unlike Sam Adams Porch Rocker, this is not a beer that’s going to draw you in with its smell.  Though, it’s pleasant enough, even if faint, the smell doesn’t detract from the beer, either.

Lemon was the most notable flavor upon tasting.  There was a slight bitterness that appeared in the aftertaste, but the lemon flavor also remained.

Being a Kölsch, Summer Beer leaves off with a dryness that invited the panelists to continue drinking.  As a matter of fact, many were surprised at just how quickly they reached the bottom of their tasting glasses.  This led to some very high drinkability ratings.

However, Summer Beer was not universally loved by all.  One panelist thought that it offered “nothing special.”  And another summed up her notes by stating “it’s not unenjoyable.”

These panelists seemed to be the minority though, as most had nothing but positive marks for the ale.  Comments like, “tastes like summer,” “the pinnacle summer beer,” and, “drink it and think of summer,” help explain why Harpoon Summer Beer was still able to score a Very Good on our rating scale.

So what are The Basement Beer Tastings final thoughts on Harpoon Summer Beer?  Honestly, we’re not too worried about that right now.  After all, we’re just drinking a beer.

(Appearance 7, Smell 6.83, Taste 23.67, Aftertaste 14.83, Drinkability 23.67)

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