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Tasting Notes – Impromptu Tasting

Members of the panel had not met for a couple of weeks, so two days prior to the Feb. 13 tasting, a few panelists convened to sharpen their palettes with a selection of three beers. The results were as varied and ranging as the selections themselves.
(Panelists: Mike Festi, Jon Graney, Amy Graney)

Tasting Notes

Samuel Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock . . . 76 points
With the chocolate beers tasting mere days away, the panel sampled this seasonal bock from Sam Adams. The beer had a pleasing deep red appearance reminiscent of a cherry cola, and had a pleasant scent of cherry, cocoa and vanilla. On taste, the panel found a strong cherry taste and buttery caramel that trailed off a little too early. However, the tasters noted a light chocolate aftertaste and excellent drinkability.
(Appearance 7, Smell 7.67, Taste 22.67, Aftertaste 14.67, Drinkability 23.67)

Back East Ale . . . 59 points
This flagship amber ale from Back East Brewing had notable fruity aroma, with notes of citrus and melon and a hoppy overtone. Despite its hoppiness, the panel found it light and refreshing. But ultimately the panel found the flavor somewhat neutral. The panel was split on drinkability, with some noting a bitter aftertaste while others enjoyed its light body.
(Appearance 6.67, Smell 6.33, Taste 17, Aftertaste 12.33, Drinkability 17)

Long Trail Brush & Barrel Series Imperial Stout . . . 56 points
Crack open this limited imperial stout from Long Trail, and one thing will hit you hard: smoke. The panel admired the extra-dark color and lacy head of this imperial. Aromas of campfire smokiness and earthy vegetation were pronounced, yet dampened by somewhat antiseptic and yeasty notes. On taste, the panel found the smokiness and malt to be a bit overpowering, and not as balanced as expected. The aftertaste was exceptionally dry, and drinkability only average. The panel agreed that while it was a decent offering, it didn’t stand out as an artisan brew.
(Appearance 7, Smell 3.67, Taste 16, Aftertaste 13, Drinkability 16.67)

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Tasting Notes – Winter Beers, Continued

When the panel held its January theme tasting — Winter Beers — one planned beer was left out.  One panelist grabbed the wrong beer by mistake, leaving his planned entry, Samuel Adams Winter Lager, at home.

So when the panel convened for its January Wild Card, they first rounded out the Winter Beers theme with a supplemental entry.
Panelists: Jon Graney, Mike Festi, Rick Czapla, Bob Bowden

Tasting Notes

Samuel Adams Winter Lager . . . 60 points
The panel was initially impressed by this seasonal Bock-style lager brewed with orange peel, ginger and cinnamon. It poured beautifully with a rich, red amber hue, excellent clarity, and a proud head. Its aroma was pleasing with hints of citrus. But as it hit the tongues of the panel, the sweet syrupy taste was a little overwhelming. Moreover, while it had overtones of citrus, the taste flattened quickly. The consensus was that, once finished, they would return to the bar and ask, “What else have you got?”
(Appearance 8.25, Smell 6.75, Taste 17, Aftertaste 11.25, Drinkability 16.75)

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