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Rogue Irish Style Lager

rating_verygood72 points

Rogue describes this award-winning lager as an “Irish style lager with a smooth mellow flavor and an apple crisp finish.”

It’s also a heavy-hitter for a lager, with a 7% ABV. It pours pale and murky with good carbonation and a soapy head. rogueirishThe panel noted no distinctive smell, other than a slight note of fruit.

Taste is where this beer grabs points. The panelists recognized the apple overtones immediately, with a bite of hops that left a mild bitterness and burn on aftertaste.

Most of the panelists found the aftertaste trailed off nicely, though others felt the sharp hoppiness was unbalanced. Generally, the panelists found it pleasing enough to want to drink more.

(Appearance 6.67, Smell 5.5, Taste 22.17, Aftertaste 15.17, Drinkability 22.83)

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Harp Lager

rating_good62 points

Harp Lager is the best selling lager in Ireland, and after rating it, the panel wondered why.

This pale lager from Diageo poured with a transparent golden color and a decent, lacy head that gave off a light, balanced lager smell.

harplagerHowever the taste was unimpressive to the panelists, who commented that it was so lacking, it showed up only as an aftertaste. And at that, it was grassy and somewhat metallic.

The light body did offer decent drinkability, though the panel didn’t find that a saving grace.

Appearance 6.5, Smell 5.83, Taste 16.83, Aftertaste 12.17, Drinkability 20.17

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