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Murphy’s Stout

rating_excellent80 points

Topping the panel’s Irish beer tastings was Murphy’s Stout in a draught can. This beer immediately wowed the panelists with an amazing appearance, including the nitrogen-enriched cascading head settling to a creamy foam atop a nearly-black stout.

murphysstoutThe nose was very light, with hints of vanilla and a trace of smoke. Where this beer excels is in the drinkability. It’s creamy with a great mouthfeel, trailing to a slight bitterness laced with smoke in the aftertaste.

It wasn’t all “oohs” and “aahs” for Murphy’s, though. The panel felt the beer was light on taste, and the smoothness bordered on watery.

Overall, though, the panel felt it was very good. One note, though…If you’re going to pick this up, let it sit for a bit when you take it from the fridge. It tastes best at a temperature in the mid-40s.

(Appearance 10, Smell 7.67, Taste 23.33, Aftertaste 15.33, Drinkability 23.67)

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Guinness Stout (bottle)

rating_verygood73 points

What Irish beer tasting would be complete without Guinness? The panel decided to taste the bottle version of Guinness Stout.

The odd, plastic-wrapped bottle was off-putting and doesn’t facilitate the nitrogen-enhanced cascading head the draught can does.

guinnessbottleThe panel looked beyond that, though, and still found the dark color pleasing, with a cream-colored head that gave off aromas of coffee, vanilla and smoke.

Taste was very smooth with overtones of coffee and slight ash. Though the mouthfeel was a little watery, the panel agreed that the beer was ultimately drinkable.

Buyer Beware: Guinness bottles are 11.2 ounces, not a true 12 ounces.

(Appearance 8.17, Smell 7.17, Taste 22, Aftertaste 14, Drinkability 21.17)

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