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Harpoon Maple Tap

rating_excellent87 points

We’ve long known that Harpoon crafts quality brews. But when native New Englanders wander into Harpoon’s Vermont brewery and see the word “maple” on a beer label, all logic and reason goes out the window, and you grasp wildly at the bottles and frantically throw money at the register.

harpoonmapletapOkay, that’s an embellishment, but we’re suckers for a good porter, and anything that has maple in it, so we had to bring Harpoon’s Maple Tap back to the panel to rate.

We’re sure glad we did, because Harpoon hit a homerun with this imperial porter.

Maple Tap pours a dark reddish-brown that culminated in a lacey tan head, garnering near-perfect appearance scores from our panelists.

The aroma is malty, with notes of maple and molasses. The taste of alcohol is strong, but pleasant. These flavors fade into a delicious smoky aftertaste with overtones of coffee.

Drinkability was rated very high by the panel. The beer is thoroughly pleasant through the entire glass. But this imperial porter is not meant to be consumed fast. It’s a sipper, to be consumed slowly over the course of an evening.

If you’re a New Englander at heart, with a soft spot for porters and all-things-maple, you’ll definitely want to tap into one of these.

(Appearance 9.67, Smell 8.83, Taste 26.17, Aftertaste 17.33, Drinkability 25.17)

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